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Equation Systems


with matrices and solution hints

MacBook Pro with Equation Systems
Simple Input

Key in your task as you would do on paper.


Any number of equations. Easy formatting. Output with or without matrices and solution hints.

With Solution Hints

See the arithmetic operations that get you from one matrix to the next.


Just paste the results as formatted text into your other programs. The coefficients in the matrices are aligned across tabs.


You describe your task in a text field. This way you will know later which problem your system of equations actually solves.

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Key in your task as you would do on paper.

In the Description field, describe your task or refer to a page in your book. The field does not affect the calculations.

Description view in Equation Systems

Click on Calculate.

The solution should appear immediately. The algorithm used is the Gauss-Jordan-elimination.

Look at the solution with all calculation steps.

The calculation steps appear under the matrices. The equations are numbered for identification.


Align the coefficients in the matrices numerically in the inspector.

Copy the output

Copy and paste the output into other apps.

Inspector Format view in Equation Systems
Inspector Text view in Equation Systems
Output with Tableaus view in Equation Systems
Equation Systems for macOS app iconDownload_on_the_Mac_App_Store_Badge_DE_RGB_blk_092917

Know more


Read the answers to frequently asked questions here.

No, Equation Systems is only available for macOS. There are currently no plans for other versions.

The order of the languages can be specified in the Mac system preferences under "Language & Region" - see "Preferred languages" in the left half. The list is read from the top. Shift the languages accordingly.

Equation Systems is localized in English and German.

Equation Systems requires macOS 10.9 or newer (including macOS 14 Sonoma)

No, Equation Systems can only solve linear equations using the Gauss-Jordan algorithm.

Neither nor. In Equation Systems there are no ads, no in-app purchases and no subscription.

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